The Passover Seder

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In the Torah, God called for a memorial feast at Passover. That feast has become The Seder, which through a series of activities, including a meal, reflects on the miracle of the exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery. The Last Supper, conducted by Jesus was really a Passover Seder.

In 2019, the Feast of Passover begins at sundown on April 19. Jewish people all across the world will celebrate in their homes, recounting the time of God's deliverance.

Passover Seder

Current Topic: Israel

What right to Jewish people have to the land of Israel? The Bible is very clear. When God makes a covenant it is forever.

Our Sovereign God, the Creator of heaven and earth, has the right to assign ownership of His creation. He specifically chose the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their decendents for the land of Israel. 

There is no significant earthly reason for Israel to be on the map of world focus. The issue is spiritual because it is the only place on earth God calls holy. Zechariah 2:12


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